Fisica Teorica (CSN4)

Coordinatore: Umberto D’Alesio
INFN-Sezione di Cagliari
c/o Dipartimento di Fisica
Stanza: 1B21
Tel: +39 070 675 4912
Sito Web: Gruppo4

Le attività legate alla fisica teorica di ambito INFN sono coordinate a livello italiano dalla Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 4.

Attività nelle quali è coinvolta la Sezione INFN di Cagliari:

Gravitational Theories

Mariano Cadoni, Parul Jain, Matteo Tuveri

General relativity and extensions: Black holes; Minimally coupled Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theories; Entanglement entropy vs statistical entropy and thermodynamical entropy; Ultra-compact objects such as boson stars and wormholes; Gravitational waves. Cosmology: Models for inflation; Dark energy via holographic description. Holographic description: Black brane solutions; AdS/CFT correspondence; Domain-wall/cosmology correspondence; Fluid/gravity correspondence. Alternative approaches to GR: Emergent gravity.

Hadron Physics

Umberto D’Alesio, Carlo Flore, Francesco Murgia, Cristian Pisano

An updated extraction of the quark transversity distribution and the Collins fragmentation function from recent SIDIS and e+ee+e− collision data. A new study of the potential contribution of the Sivers and Collins effects to the transverse single spin asymmetry in polarized pphXpp→hX processes at large Feynman xx. Study of the process dependence of the Sivers and Collins effects in polarized ppjetπXp↑p→jetπX processes. Study of transverse single spin asymmetries and TMD factorization in pπXℓp→πX processes. Study of TMD evolution and non-perturbative effects in transverse momentum spectra of Z-boson production in Drell-Yan.

Mathematical Physics

Salvatore Mignemi, Giacomo Rosati

Theory and phenomenology of models with spacetime non-commutativity. A particularly strong effort is being devoted to the study of Snyder noncommutativity and other models which lend themselves to the study of the interplay between spacetime curvature and momentum-space curvature.

String Theory

Giuseppe D’Appollonio

The Regge limit of inelastic string amplitudes at tree level, using both the light-cone Green-Schwarz vertex and the covariant Reggeon vertex operator. A precise interpretation of the eikonal operator through the explicit tree-level calculation of generic inelastic transitions between closed strings as they scatter off a stack of parallel DpDp-branes.


Piero Olla

Microscopic swimming, with particular interest in the exploitation of external means (presence of an external flow, of thermal fluctuations, etc.) to aid propulsion. The dynamics of a population in an external flows, especially as regards the role of demographic fluctuations in the problem. Modelling of turbulence and turbulent transport by random fields.


Soliton theory; DNA dynamics. (M. Cadoni)

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