The International Day of Women and Girls in Science

“If I want to become a scientist I do not know yet, I only know that it can only depend on me”.
This is one of the statements made to journalists by the girls who participated in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

On 12 February, 20 elementary and 50 high school girls were the protagonists at the Department of Physics of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, wanted by the United Nations Assembly to promote gender equality and to so that women and girls get equal access and participation in science.

The day began in the main hall of medicine, with an all-female audience that also involved the girls who participated in the Masterclasses organized for the occasion by the Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences.

To welcome the girls and girls were Micaela Morelli, Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Cagliari, Anna Maria Musinu, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Giovanni Bongiovanni, Director of the Department of Physics, Alberto Masoni, Director of the Section of Cagliari of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Viviana Fanti, organizer of the event.

After the initial greetings, the girls and girls were involved in different experimental activities.

The girls took part in the workshop “Madame Curie and the secrets of the subject” curated by Alessia Zurru, Alessandra Bernardini and Sara Intina, while the high school students, divided into groups, were involved in different experimental activities.

With the support of Francesca Dordei, a group went “Discovering the properties of matter and antimatter in LHCb”; with Ester Casula the girls went “Looking for strange particles in ALICE”; with Stefania Porcu they could “look inside the molecules”; with Elisa Pinna they have investigated “The mirrors of the Physics”; another group with Daniela Marongiu studied “Luminescent nanomaterials under a microscope”; Silvia Acosta Gutiérrez showed how to “Spy on bacteria” and Piera Muzzetto showed the use of “X-rays in medical physics: the mammograph”.

The day was then enriched by the speeches of Giuliagiornaliste, inaugurated by President Susi Ronchi who spoke of the difficult relationship between Women and Science: “A survey conducted in 5 European countries, including Italy, by Opinion Way has shown that only 10% of respondents think that women have particular attitudes to science. 70% in Italy is convinced that they do not have the skills to pursue a high career, while for the vast majority they are involved in social sciences, languages, communication and art “.

Also appreciated was the moment of the afternoon debate introduced by GIULIAgiornaliste Valentina Guido, press officer of the University of Sassari who spoke about the theme “Gender language is not just a game” and Federica Ginesu, freelance journalist, who presented “The gender language that tells the story of women “.

The day ended with a live audio / video connection with the scientists at CERN in Geneva and with other girls connected at the same time by the Universities of Madrid and Barcelona. In connection with CERN also the Sardinian researcher Marianna Fontana who was able to tell her concrete experience and motivate girls who dream of a future as a scientist.