Sharper – European Researcher’s Night 2018

On 28 September 2018 SHARPER returned as the event that brings the European Researchers’ Night in 12 provincial capitals of 8 regions: Ancona, Cagliari, Caserta, Catania, L’Aquila, Macerata, Naples, Nuoro, Palermo, Pavia, Perugia and Trieste, with a biennial program to tell the passion, the discoveries and the challenges of researchers through more than 600 activities including exhibitions, shows, concerts, games, conferences and hundreds of other initiatives aimed at the general public and made by over 4,000 researchers. On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 SHARPER has used its multidisciplinary approach with numerous activities that have animated 38 cultural heritage sites.

The night is a way to open up science to society and create a stronger research bond in Italy. An event that serves to bring science close to the citizens who, thanks to research, can improve the quality of their life.


In Cagliari the event was coordinated by the University of Cagliari and the INFN Section of Cagliari in collaboration with the Municipality, INAF Astronomical Observatory and a series of cultural partners and research centers in the area.

Over 40 events have taken place in the central Piazza Garibaldi and the historic center where a scientific trekking has also taken place in stages.

And precisely in order to improve the quality of life of citizens at the Sharper event was held the presentation of the project “Cagliari2020″ which uses advanced electronic and computer solutions for the smart mobilityof the city of Cagliari and which sees research (UNICA, INFN, CRS4) and industry (VITROCISET, SPACE) collaborate with local organizations (CTM and the Municipality of Cagliari) to improve the mobility of citizens and the urban environment.

The complete program of all the events that took place in Cagliari can be downloaded from the website: