User Registration

To obtain access to the IT resources of the Sezione INFN of Cagliari it is necessary to create an access profile on the INFN site with the following steps:

  1. Register with the site (for registration purposes, avoid entering institutional email addresses)
    There are instructions at the address: SignUp Help.
  2. After registration, connect to the site with the credentials you just entered, here the user can:
    • Enter your personal data necessary for recognition;
    • Choose the INFN site and the Contact (approver) who will have to approve the request for access to IT resources;
    • Read and accept the regulations for the use of INFN computer resources;
    • Read the information on the processing of personal data
  3. Upon approval of the request by the contact person chosen, the user will receive a confirmation email with the notice that he will be contacted by the office in charge for identity recognition.
  4. After completing the previous point it will be possible for the user to complete the COMPULSORY course on IT security.
  5. After the completion of the course, the user can proceed to request an account for the chosen location.

By sending the form (point 5), the user receives an email to the address specified during registration containing various information including the steps to finalize the activation of the account.