The Cagliari 2020 Project

The CAGLIARI 2020 project is an initiative proposed by a partnership of organizations and companies of South Sardinia (Vitrociset Spa, CRS4, University of Cagliari, INFN, The Space) for the development of ICT technologies aimed at optimizing the use of the city system and improve the quality of life of the people in the city who live and / or work.

The primary objective of CAGLIARI 2020 is the development of innovative solutions for urban mobility with low environmental impact (and possibly underground), in order to improve the energy and environmental performance of the city.

The proposal arises from the ever-increasing need for tools and technological solutions that allow the optimization of urban transport with reduced travel time and improved air quality. Cagliari is an ideal case study for the development and experimentation in this scenario, also because a centralized management system of state-of-the-art public transport in Europe is already operating.

The innovation of the CAGLIARI 2020 project is based on the application of the “netcentric” paradigm through a dynamic and pervasive network (urban information grid) whose nodes can be both fixed and mobile, enabling the sensory integration of the distributed equipment and the transformation of public transport in “mobile platforms” to monitor city traffic, through the continuous acquisition of traffic, emissions and sound pressure levels. This allows the development of environmental parameter analysis models in order to provide tools for the planning of actions to contain traffic flows, energy consumption and CO2 emissions in urban areas in accordance with the Covenant of Mayors Guidelines for achieving the objectives 20-20-20 of the European Commission (an association which today includes over 3500 municipalities spread across Europe).

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