The Director of Cagliari Unit

Alessandro Cardini

   Dr. Alessandro Cardini

Tel +39. 070 675 4978 / 4837

Cell. +39. 320 9232339



Alessandro Cardini is the Director of the Cagliari Section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics since September 26, 2022.
Cardini, born in Lodi in 1965, was elected by the INFN Board of Directors and replaces the outgoing Director Alberto Masoni.
Cardini graduated in Physics in 1989 at the University of Pisa and has been working at INFN since 1997, where he has been Research Director since 2019.
Alessandro Cardini began his research activity at CERN in Geneva in 1988 working for his PhD in an experiment for the study of heavy quarks and subsequently in an experiment searching for neutrino oscillations.
Since 1997 he has worked on the construction of the muon detector of ATLAS and since 2000 of that of LHCb, for which he designed and built the detector part based on triple-GEM technology.
From 2008 to 2010 he moved to CERN to complete the installation and commissioning of the LHCb experimental apparatus and to follow the first years of data taking of the experiment with the role of Project Leader for the muon detection system.
From 2015 he was elected National Coordinator of the LHCb Italian Collaboration and coordinated a group of 130 researchers until 2018. He was also the Team Leader of the LHCb group in Cagliari until his entry into service as Section Director.
From 2019 Cardini started his research activity in the Einstein Telescope project, the future European detector for Gravitational Waves, coordinating the Cagliari group and co-coordinating the Cagliari operational unit of the PNRR program called ETiC, a project targeting the construction of a laboratory where to develop the enabling technologies needed for Einstein Telescope here in Cagliari.